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Food packaging design.

Development of packaging concepts.

Marketing of food.

Launch of products and food campaigns.

Brand- and Corporate Identity.

Sustainability / CSR Strategy.

Private label and FMCG packaging design.

If you are going to sell a product you know the importance of good product presentation being crucial to a successful trade - this is commonly known. The tools to get many goods across the counter lie in the quality of the product, the history, good packaging design and of course the marketing of the product.

Talking of FMCG, the product must be of good quality - regardless of the price. It is expected, since there is legislation and great food control in the EU. As a consumer, we want to be able to find fair-price goods in the grocery store - this is what we call the low-end products. When we talk about Private Label in Danish retail stores these goods include Budget, X-tra and First Price. In the Mid-price group, the quality is better and the price is still fair - we call this value for money. In Danish retail the most well-known of these goods are called Vores, C and Gestus. If you want to pamper yourself a bit more, we find the high-end products such as Princip, Smag forskellen and Omhu. When we talk about Organic products, we find goods across categories - these are called Økolivet, Levevis, Øgo, Änglamark and Grøn Balance. In addition, there is a large TO-GO as well as Convenience section, with dishes that are easy to prepare or eat directly from the package.

The new black is, of course, sustainability. Good organic products with regard to the environment and animal welfare - and the packaging must be bio-based - for example made from the corn plant and then the packaging must be biodegradable. But the goods do not sell themselves. They need to have great packaging design and look good, be honest and appeal to the target audience - whether it is the well-known Brands or the Private Label group. This is what we do every day - this is our expertise. Welcome to EatArt.

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